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Cavern - Room - Corner A  // Single Dungeon Tile

Cavern - Room - Corner A // Single Dungeon Tile

This is a single "Cavern - Room - Corner A"piece for our new dungeon tile system!


Our 2.5D tiles are made from layers of stained wood and ready for use right out of the box.  The laser engraved grid and details create a clear playing area for running your combat encounters.  The room tile and connector system lets you arrange large areas and connect them together while maintaining a perfect grid.  You can connect several sets together and they will line up.   The tiles are just the right size to place down quickly for an as-you-go dungeon for when your players decide to take an unexpected detour!


NOTE:  Design change.  As of April, 2021 these tiles now have a 1/4" base, changed from the previous 1/2" base.