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We're a small family business located in Southampton Township, NJ, and we thank you for your support!

 Hi there!  We're Tom and Kathy and we are the founders of Tabletop Things.

It all started several years ago when I (Tom) was running a session of D&D.  The party was on a ship and when it came time to roll initiative, the mats just weren't doing it for me.  I thought it would be really fun and practical to have a layered ship I could use to add some height to the game, so I started working on some ideas.  I sold my first ship in 2018 and things have taken off from there.

We pride ourselves on our products and our customer service.  We put forward a lot of effort to make sure you're happy with your purchases.  We also try to keep it small and personal.  Feel free to ask any questions any time.  The chat on this website goes straight to me!

It's been a long and often difficult road, but we're still here and looking forward to continuing to learn and grow!

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