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  • What even is all this?
    This is Tabletop Things! We make ships, docks, dungeon tiles, and tokens designed to enhance your tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeon & Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and many more!
  • Are your reviews even legit?
    Yes! I get it, there's a lot of scam websites out there. Some of them have even used our images to sell fake products. About 98% of the reviews on this site are reviews we've received from Etsy customers. You can see proof of that on our Etsy Shop here. It's a long process to show those reviews here, so not all have been transferred over just yet, which is why some products don't have any reviews yet. We're also working on a way to gather verified reviews for sales on our official website.
  • Where are your items manufactured?
    We do all our own manufacturing in our small shop in South Jersey. We try to source all of our parts as locally as possible.
  • What happened to the Living Battle Maps?
    I would love it if I had time to pursue making animated battlemaps, but it's just not in the cards at the moment. The few that I've made are still available here, but I have no current plans to add more. It would take some serious Patreon support up front before I could do it again. Sadly Patreon doesn't work that way, it's a slow build.
  • What's the difference between Common, Rare and Legendary ships?
    I generally make 3 variations of each kind of ship. Common ships do not come with masts or sails, but instead have all the artwork engraved on the decks just like a battle map. Rare ships take that up a notch and come with masts, sails and crows nests. Legendary ships come with everything in 3D, including stairs, hatches that open, removeable grating, and additional engraved details that the other ships don't have. See the chart below for more details.
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