2-Level Complete Wooden Viking Longship with Mast, Yard and Sail for RPGs

2-Level Complete Wooden Viking Longship with Mast, Yard and Sail for RPGs


With our magnetic assembly, it's easier than ever before to set up and break down one of our ships!  This viking longship comes with 2 levels, a mast and choice of sail, oars, shields, and your choice of a dragon head or traditional bow.  The top level has a 1" grid and the lower level ribs are spaced to act as a 1" grid, great for D&D and Pathfinder etc.  There is a 1 1/2" clearance between the two levels, as minis aren't meant to stand on the lower level, they should be prone.  :D


What you get:
 - 1 Lower Level
 - 1 Upper Level
 - 1 Sail made from high quality tight woven canvas (note that the red stripe style is slightly thinner than the solid colors).  Each sail has an internal top and bottom wire so you can shape the sail to your liking.  You can even roll it up! 
 - 1 10" yard with 2 magnets that hold the sails in place and allow for quick and easy removal in case they're in the way when it's time to roll initiative.  Each yard also has a 1" grid built into the artwork.
 - Choice of Dragon Head or Traditional Bow (or both, easily swap them out!)
 - 20 Shields, Random Mix of 4 Different Designs (plus a few extra in case you lose some)
 - 18 Oars (plus a few extra in case you lose some or they break)


The ship is made from stained solid poplar with wooden brackets and magnetic connections. Dimensions are length = 18 1/4" width = 4 1/4" height = 17" (when assembled, not including oars). 


Dice and minis not included.



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