Sails and Yards Add-on for Masted Galleon

Sails and Yards Add-on for Masted Galleon


Looking for the "wow factor" at your gaming table?  This will bring it.  This add-on kit will adds sails and yards to the masted galleon!


What you get:
 - 7 Sails made from high quality tight woven canvas.  Each sail has an internal top and bottom wire so you can shape the sail to your liking.  The logo on the sails are screen printed for long lasting durability.
 - Two 12" yards, two 10" yards, two 8" yards and one ~7" yard.  Each yard has 2 magnets that hold the sails in place and allow for quick and easy removal in case they're in the way when it's time to roll initiative.  Each yard also has a 1" grid built into the artwork (see images).  You can fight on the yards!
 - O rings to put above and below each yard to hold it firmly to the mast.


As this is a new product, please allow 1-2 weeks for putting your order together as we streamline our process.


More options to come!



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