Sail and Yard Add-on for Classic RPG Ship

Sail and Yard Add-on for Classic RPG Ship

This is a sail and yard add-on for the Masted 3-Level Classic RPG ship!  Get your choice of color and logo (logos coming very soon!).  You also have the option of a destroyed/tattered look (fraying will occur, this is normal).

- 1 Sail made from high quality tight woven canvas (note that the red stripe style is slightly thinner than the solid colors).  Each sail has an internal top and bottom wire so you can shape the sail to your liking.  You can even roll it up! 
- 1 10" yard with 2 magnets that hold the sails in place and allow for quick and easy removal in case they're in the way when it's time to roll initiative.  Each yard also has a 1" grid built into the artwork.

Does not include mast or ship.  Please see our other listings!