Galleon Main View

5-Tiered Wooden Galleon Ship with 1" Grid for Tabletop RPGs like D&D, Pathfinder

This thing is massive!  This is the 5-Tiered Galleon Ship for tabletop RPGs like D&D and Pathfinder or anything that uses a 1" grid system.  Have epic sea battles with this gigantic wooden boat!



 - The entire ship utilizes our magnetic construction, no glue required!  Easily collapse it down for storage or travel to conventions.

 - Each layer and support piece is made from laser cut solid poplar (no plywood), stained as shown and ready for use.

 - Includes 3 masts and 5 crows nests that you can place at any height you prefer using the included o-rings.

 - A 1" grid is engraved on all surfaces and every layer lines up perfectly, including the crows nests.

 - Dimensions are 27" x 8" x 25" (fully assembled with masts).

 - Includes 4 rowboats.

 - FREE shipping to the US.


Want to customize your ship?  Check out some of our add-ons and accessories for the Galleon!

 - Sails and Yards

 - Figureheads


Dice and minis not included.