Complete Galleon and Docks Bundle, Royal Lion Theme

Complete Galleon and Docks Bundle, Royal Lion Theme


This is probably the most epic bundle we've put together! Includes everything you see in the photos, finished and ready for use. All items can be assembled quickly and without tools or glue! The ship, sails and ballistae all attach magnetically. The docks are completely height adjustable and configurable. See the individual listings below for more details on the items included in this Epic Galleon Bundle! Also check out our Galleon Assembly Video here:

You get:
- Masted Galleon w/Lion Figurehead and Six Rowboats ($211 value) -
- Sails and Yards Add-on with Crowned Lion Logo in Metallic Gold ($74 value) -
- Magnetic Ballistae Set of 5 ($34 value) -
- Complete Dock Set ($53 value) -

Total Value: $372
Bundle Pricing: $329

YOU SAVE: $43!



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