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Common Docks Terrain Set for Tabletop RPGs

Common Docks Terrain Set for Tabletop RPGs

This highly configurable dock/bridge/walkway system can be used in a variety of ways!  Fully height adjustable using the rings around the posts, it can be adapted to your unique terrain needs.  Create complex dock systems, various lengths of bridges and rickety swamp walkways.  The system can be used with a grid for games like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder as each post is exactly 2 inches apart, or it can be used organically.


The platforms are made of 1/4" stained laser-cut plywood. Each post has a shaped top to create a hand-hewn look and includes two brown rope-like height-adjustable rings. Gangplanks and Ladders are made from stained 1/8" plywood.


STARTER SET includes:
-Four Straight Dock Pieces (4" length x 2.5 width", includes four 2" posts each)
-One Corner Dock Piece (3.25" length x 3.25 width", includes four 2" posts)
-Two Gangplanks/Walkways (4.25" length x 1.125" width)
-Five Extra Rings (in case you lose some)


*Dwarven Forge terrain pieces not included

    Expected to ship in 1-3 weeks.