Dungeoneer's Kit

Subscription Box

A dungeon tile subscription box to fit your budget!  Grow your collection over time with our 2.5D dungeon tile system!

Ships FREE to the US!


3 Months


6 Months


1 Year

Monthly Charge

Total Cost

$49 / month

$147 total

$44 / month

$264 total

Save $30 vs Rare Plan

Save $44 vs Rare Plan

$39 / month

$468 total

Save $120 vs Rare Plan!

Etsy Shop Discount

10% off All Items!

15% off All Items

20% off All Items

The Tiles

Below are some images from our November subscription box, starter set and add-on tiles. Everything is completely modular using a room and connector system.  All rooms and connectors can be used to create large dungeon layouts in seconds.  They are standardized so no matter how you arrange your rooms and connectors they will always line up!  Our 2.5D style gives a clear border and a little height without obscuring your minis for clear combat and exploration.

All subscription tiles will fit into this system.  You will be able to create endless combinations with these tiles!

What do I get?

Within a week of your monthly charge we will ship your package with a set of tiles and props uniquely designed for subscribers only.  Each monthly set will have a theme that applies to the tiles, props, and adventure hook card.

You will get the following, all designed for the monthly theme:

 - A set of unique tiles to create a complete room and connection to current tiles (or equivalent)

 - Several props and scatter pieces (ie. an altar, a statue, rocks, pillars, platforms)

 - A card with 3 adventure hooks created specifically for the months pieces.

 - A monthly discount code for use in our Etsy shop.  This applies to ALL ITEMS in our shop!  Get dungeon tiles add-ons, ships, tokens, etc. at a discount based on your subscription tier!

 - A digital version of the tiles for use in you virtual tabletop of choice such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.

When am I charged?

You will be charged immediately for your first month, and on the same day each month for the remainder of your plan.

Will these pieces all work with my existing tiles?

All of the tiles from Tabletop Things will work together.  Our design is simple and we will make sure the everything we create is compatible with everything we've shipped previously.  This includes Starter Sets, tiles bought from our shop, and all add-on tiles.

What style of tiles are you making?

We are currently creating cavern and stone dungeon tiles.  We are planning several others, it's a surprise!


3 Months


6 Months


1 Year

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